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    • Computational fluid dynamic analysis of the effect of kink conduit in microvascular vein grafting 

      Rahman Yahya, M.N.; Shahriman Abu Bakar, Dr.; Siti Khadijah, Za'aba, Dr.; Sharifah Roohi, Syed Waseem Ahmad; Wan Khairunizam, Wan Ahmad, Dr.; Mohd Nasir, Ayob; Abdul Halim, Ismail (IJENS Publishers, 2012)
      Arterial disease of the upper extremity is an uncommon occurance, most commonly caused by atherosclerosis. In some patients with arterial disease, surgical bypass by vein grafting or vein interposition may be performed. ...
    • Extracting features point of lip movement for computer-based lip reading system 

      Kamil Syahid, Talha; Wan Khairunizam, Wan Ahmad, Dr.; Chittawad, Viratt; Siti Khadijah, Za'aba, Dr.; Mohd Nasir, Ayob; Zuradzman, Mohamad Razlan, Dr.; Shahriman, Abu Bakar, Dr. (IJENS Publishers, 2014-04)
      Lip reading is a technique of communication used by a hard hearing person in their conversation between themselves or with the normal person. Sometime the word they understand is not the same as what the other speaker talk. ...
    • Measurement of the flexible bending force of the index and middle fingers for virtual interaction 

      Nazrul Hamizi, Adnan; Wan Khairunizam, Wan Ahmad, Dr.; Shahriman, Abu Bakar, Dr.; Siti Khadijah, Zaaba, Dr.; Shafriza Nisha, Basah; Zuradzman, Mohamad Razlan, Dr.; Hazry, Desa, Assoc. Prof. Dr.; Mohd Nasir, Ayob; Mohd Rudzuan, Mohd Nor; Mohd Azri, Abd Aziz (Elsevier Ltd., 2012)
      In this paper the development of a new low cost dataglove based on fingertip bending tracking techniques for measuring the fingers bending on various virtual interaction activities is presented as an alternative to the ...