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    • Analysis of radiation efficiency effects on UWB MIMO tree-antenna positioning 

      Muzammil, Jusoh; Mohd Faizal, Jamlos, Dr.; Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek, Dr.; Muhammad Ramlee, Kamarudin; Haslinda, Harun (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2012-05)
      A novel design and miniaturize antenna has been proposed and analyzed for Ultra-Wideband (UWB) application with integration of Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) technique. The configuration study is made on two symmetrical ...
    • A dual bevel compact planar monopole antenna for UHF application 

      Muzammil, Jusoh; Mohd Faizal, Jamlos, Dr.; Muhammad Ramlee, Kamarudin; Zahari, Awang Ahmad; Muhamad Asmi, Romli; Naseer, Sabri (The Electromagnetics Academy, 2012-03)
      This paper presented a novel dual bevel planar monopole antenna with the abil- ity to operate from 470MHz to 1100 MHz. The compact planar monopole antenna consists of radiating element perpendicular to ground plane with ...
    • Impact of spacing and number of elements on array factor 

      Siti Fazlina, Maharimi; Mohd. Fareq, Abd. Malek, Dr.; Mohd Faizal, Jamlos, Dr.; Neoh, Siew Chin, Dr; Muzammil, Jusoh (The Electromagnetics Academy, 2012-03-27)
      The impact of spacing and number of elements in terms of gain and half power beam-width (HPBW) are shown in this paper. The antenna's gain is depending on two parameters which are number of elements and element spacing. ...