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    • A robust adaptive predictive load frequency controller to compensate for model mismatch 

      Siti Fatimah, Siraj, Prof. Madya; Mohd Zaki, Ab. Muin, Prof. Dr.; Nor, K. M.; Siti Rafidah, Abdul Rahim; Mohamad, M. F.; Ernie, Che Mid (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2010-06-23)
      The paper describes the design and implementation of a self-tuning load frequency controller (LFC) of a power system based on the adaptive generalized predictive (AGP) controller. The application of predictive control in ...
    • Wavelet based distortion measurement and enhancement of ECG signal 

      Md. Abdul, Awal; Mohiuddin, Ahmad, Prof. Dr. Engr.; Ismail, Daut, Prof. Dr.; Ernie, Che Mid; Mohd. Abdur, Rashid, Dr. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2012-02-27)
      This paper describes the research carried out to eliminate the noise found in ECG signal and cardiac rhythm using Coiflet wavelet since its scaling function is closely related to the shape of ECG and suited for denoising ...