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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Metamagnetic behavior in Fe3Si and Fe3A1Christensen, N. E.; Kudrnovsky, J.; Rodriguez, C. O.
2008Electronic structure, magnetic and Fermi surface calculations of heavy-fermions superconductors compounds based on Nb3SnBendjemil, Badis
Feb-2011Structural and electronic properties of bulk GaP and AlP and their (GaP)n / (AlP)n superlatticesM., Merabet; S., Benalia; D., Rached; A., Bouhemadou; S., Omran; Ali H., Reshak; M., Rabah
Dec-2010Full potential study of the elastic, electronic, and optical properties of spinels MgIn2S4 and CdIn2S4 under pressure effectF., Semari; R., Khenata; M., Rabah; A., Bouhemadou; S., Omran; Ali H., Reshak; D., Rached; maalidph@yahoo.co.uk
Dec-2010FP-LAPW investigation of structural, electronic, linear and nonlinear optical properties of ZnIn2Te4 defect-chalcopyriteAyeb, Y.; Ouahrani, T.; Khenata, R.; Reshak, Ali H.; Rached, D.; Bouhemadou, A.; Arrar, A.
Aug-2013Electronic Structure of 1,3-dicarbomethoxy4,6-benzenedicarboxylic acid: Density functional approachSikander, Azam; Ali Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; sikander.physicst@gmail.com; maalidph@yahoo.co.uk
2013DFT calculation of the electronic and optical properties of Ag 2PdO2 from X-ray and neutron crystallographic dataZeyad A., Alahmed; Ali Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; zalahmed@ksu.edu.sa; maalidph@yahoo.co.uk
14-May-2013Photoelectrical properties and the electronic structure of Tl 1-xIn1-xSnxSe2 (x = 0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.25) single crystalline alloysDavydyuk, G. E.; Khyzhun, Oleg Yu; Ali Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; Kamarudin, Hussin, Brig. Jen. Dato' Prof. Dr.; Myronchuk, G.L.; Danylchuk, S.P.; Fedorchuk, Anatolii O.; Piskach, L.V.; Mozolyuk, M.Yu.; Parasyuk, O.V.; maalidph@yahoo.co.uk; vc@unimap.edu.my
Sep-2013Electronic band structure and specific features of Sm2NiMnO6 compound: DFT calculationAli Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; Sikander, Azam; maalidph@yahoo.co.uk; sikander.physicst@gmail.com
Aug-2013Theoretical study of the structural, electronic structure, fermi surface, electronic charge density and optical properties of the of LnVO4 (Ln= Sm, Eu, Gd and Dy)Ali Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; Sikander, Azam; maalidph@yahoo.co.uk; sikander.physicst@gmail.com


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