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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Apr-2011Density functional calculations, electronic structure, and optical properties of molybdenum bimetallic nitrides Pt2Mo3N and Pd2Mo3NAli Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; Auluck, S.; Kityk, I. V.
31-May-2011Photoinduced piezooptical changes caused by microsecond CO2 Infrared lasers in lead-germanate rare earth tridoped glassesPires Kassab, Luciana R.; Camilo, Mauricio Eiji; Ali Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; Plucinski, K. J.; maalidph@yahoo.co.uk
31-Mar-2011First-principles calculations of structural, elastic, electronic, and optical properties of perovskite-type KMgH3 crystals: Novel hydrogen storage materialAli Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; Mikhail Y., Shalaginov; Yasir, Saeed; Kityk, I. V.; Auluck, S.
21-Feb-2011Dispersion of linear and nonlinear optical susceptibilities and the hyperpolarizability of 3-methyl-4-phenyl-5-(2-pyridyl)-1,2,4-triazoleAli Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; Stys, D.; Auluck, S.; Kityk, I.V.
28-Jul-2011Theoretical investigation for Li2CuSb as multifunctional materials: Electrode for high capacity rechargeable batteries and novel materials for second harmonic generationAli Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; Kamarudin, Hussin, Brig. Jen. Dato' Prof. Dr.; maalidph@yahoo.co.uk; kamarudin@unimap.edu.my
Aug-2011Electronic band structure and optical properties of titanium oxyphosphates Li0.50Co0.25TiO(PO4) single crystals: An ab-initio calculationsAli Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; Kamarudin, Hussin, Brig. Jen. Dato' Prof. Dr.; Kityk, I. V.; Khenata, R.; Auluck, S.; maalidph@yahoo.co.uk
28-Jan-2011Laser operated borate polymer nanocompositesAli Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; Gandham, Lakshminarayana; Burak, Ya V.; Adamiv, Volodymyr T.
Feb-2012Fluorescent and nonlinear optical features of CdTe quantum dotsA. A., Umar; Ali Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; Oyama, M.; Plucinski, K. J.; kplucinski@wat.edu.pl; kpluc2006@wp.pl
Aug-2012Theoretical investigations of NiTiSn and CoVSn compoundsMustapha, Hichour; Djamel, Rached; R., Khenata; M. Zouaoui, Rabah; M., Merabet; Ali Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; S., Omran; Rashid, Ahmed; rachedj@yahoo.fr
5-Apr-2013Calculation of the lattice constant of hexagonal compounds with two dimensional search of equation of state and with semilocal functionals a new package (2D-optimize)Ali Hussain, Reshak, Prof. Dr.; Morteza, Jamal; maalidph@yahoo.co.uk


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